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Graduate School of Education

Master's Program for Education of Korean Music
Research Program for Education of Korean Music (1 year)
Master's Program for Education Music Cultural Art Education
Research Program for Education Music Cultural Art Education (1 year)
Those who have completed the research program and have gotten into the graduate program will be given a special status and be able to transfer credit-hours of the research program to the graduate program upon approval from the school.
Research Areas
Korean music (daegum, piri, haegum, gayageum, gomungo, danso, sogum, ajaeng, senghwang, yanggeum, composition, conducting)
Vocal Korean music (melodies, lyrics, pansori, folk songs)
Percussions of Korean music (as well as samulnori with jangu, drum and kwanggari)
Research on Korean music education policy
Teaching in elementary, middle and high schools and universities
Korean music education director for Korean music education centers
Playing at the state-run Korean music center, local Korean music orchestra and Korean music group
Policy maker for Korean music education at the divisions including the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Office of Education in municipal and provincial governments, Korea Educational Development Institute and Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation.