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College of Music

Department of Orchestral Instruments

- Students learn the fundamentals of each musical instrument and master skills through an assembled education of chamber music, ensemble and orchestra.
Continuous practice in sessions prepares them to become a member of the school orchestra or professional symphony orchestra as well as a a solo performer.

- Master classes are held with prominent professors from Korea and abroad to train students with high caliber skills.

- A preparatory stage is designed to train students to get ready for professional orchestras. Divided between strings and winds, the training is concentrated on the piece for an audition.

- Students are encouraged to hold solo recitals as part of an opportunity for open performance during the semester.

- Students are welcome to independently form a group for chamber music. The selected groups are trained for performances on campus and concert tours.

- Preparing the orchestra to a level of perfection, the university holds concert tours and concerts for teenagers in order to contribute to the development of symphonies in Korea