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College of Fine Arts

Department of Printmedia

- Individually based studio classes are geared toward producing a group of artists who can keep pace with the fast-paced communication of information, actively dealing with the era of globalization and open-door policy.

- Studio-based classes meet the current of the times and the social demand for multi-faceted artists working as professional printers, pictorial wood printers, in galleries, and in the printing industry.

- Contemporary art exhibition opportunities, field trips to museums and galleries, seminars, and guest lectures are also offered.

- Integrating with the current printing industry that handles the latest technology helps widen the range of studies on the printmaking form of art.

- Students can make an experimental attempt with computer art and other medium to expand the possibility of printmaking medium and the concept of it.

- Internationally renowned artists and printmakers are invited for lectures and demonstrations.

- A high-tech press room for printmaking boasts the state-of-the-art facilities.

- During the semester, exchange exhibitions with universities abroad are also held.