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College of Music

Department of Composition

- With such a diverse curriculum and practical exercises such as training in music theory, style, harmony, counterpoint, and contemporary composition techniques as well as individual lessons, students are able to develop an idiom of expression that is pertinent to the current era, and thus actively participate in the music scene both in Korea and abroad.

- The music theories covered from Baroque to contemporary are taught, and based on that, new aesthetic, stylistic, and technical training is given for the creation of new works. Therefore, students are able to approach music with creative works grounded in the spirit of the times the next generation may pursue.

- Through in-depth computer music education and composing skills, students try a new idiom of expression and study the concept of media art and interactive art.

- As a part of the composer research program, special lectures are held to build students' enthusiasm for creative works and expanding their own mode of musical expression.