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Department of Printmedia

Art Exhibition on Campus
As an open studio format exhibition, students display their achievements over the past year.
The characteristics and the achievements of the class curriculum can be visually manifested, instilling motivation for creative activity.
Graduation Art Exhibition
The exhibition summarizes the four year-long work and is the basis for granting the qualification to graduate.
It also serves as an exhibition experience for students who will work as artists in the art field.
Sketch Contest
Getting out of the studio, the outdoor sketch contest offers a chance for students to portray the life of nature, widen their creative scope, and strengthen relationships among peers.
Special Guest Lectures
Professors, artists, critics, museum curators, and gallery dealers from home and abroad are invited for a forum of discussions during the semester.
Field Education
Numerous art events, major exhibition and biennial shows serve as major channels for students to develop an understanding of contemporary art and meet with the artists in person.