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College of Literature and Visual Communications

Department of Creative Writing

Publishing the Collective Works of the Graduating Class
The graduate class submits literary works which will be compiled into an anthology entitled 〔Chungsa Literature〕 upon thorough evaluation of the professors.
Graduation Art Exhibition
Open Entry for Students' Literary Works To stimulate the students' motivation for creative writing, during every fall semester students are encouraged to submit literary works for awards.
Publishing the Collective Works of Students
The works that have been selected through an open entry are compiled into a collection of works, called 〔Chugye Literature〕.
Special Guest Lectures
Well-known writers (poets, novelists, playwrights and critics) are invited to present talks on their philosophy of art and creative techniques to the students.
The Chugye Youth Literature Award
'The Chugye Youth Literature Award' is annually granted to high school students in order to cultivate the literature prodigies of tomorrow in the area of poetry and fiction.