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College of Literature and Visual Communications

Department of Film Writing

Publishing the Collective Works of the Graduating Class
Seniors must present works to be screened and compiled into a collection, which summarizes what they have learned in a four-year period of time. After a thorough and careful examination, professors are expected to publish the works of the graduate class.
Open Entry for Students' Scenario
Open entry for students' scenario to stimulate the students' creativeness and motivation for scenario writing, they are encouraged to submit work of their expertise field, which is judged and awarded for excellence.
Publishing the Collective Works of Students
Throughout the course of their academic program, students' work, which has been selected through an open entry are compiled into a 〔Chugye Scenario Collection〕.
Student Presentation of Works
Contemporary professionals in their respective industry are invited to conduct a joint session with students who are asked to present their work for actual exposure opportunities.
Special Guest Lectures and Fieldwork
Prominent figures in the film industry field are invited for to lecture, and students can take field trips to a film production site, witnessing the actual production capacity.