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College of Literature and Visual Communications

Department of Film and Entertainment Business

Special Visiting Lectures
Leading professionals in the film industry give lectures about their experiences and business know-how and inspire students about the developing business system and process.
Symposiums on Film Business
It is an opportunity to come up with adequate issues related to film business and to debate such issues.
Meanwhile, students can establish their own philosophy of business and to enhance the ability to examine present problems and come up with solutions.
Field Education
Students actually have a chance to visit sites, seeing first hand that a film business is an ongoing process.
Through conversation with the people concerned, they can improve their overall understanding of the business process.
Presentation of Graduation Works
Students present their works they 'planned' and 'marketed' for themselves in the presence of film and entertainment industry experts.
Publishing the Collection of Graduation Works
Graduating students submit their graduation works containing their knowledge of film and entertainment business they acquired in the last 4 years.
The published collections of graduation works will protect the copyright of the original authors, and be delivered to the working groups in the field.